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Spring: The Opening Act

As winter lifts her curtain we are reunited with a cast of old favourites on the stage of our gardens.

Poised with fresh vigour, colour and scent the actors begin their performance.

The opening is a magical pageant beginning with Snowdrops - Galanthus consisting of 18-19 species and over 500 varieties with delicate white bells born on elegant green stems. These make a spectacular addition to any woodland garden.

Scilla siberica is another delightful perennial bulb producing a stunning splash of tiny star-shaped blue flowers.

Iris reticulate 'Katherine Hodgkin' (AGM) with its elegant veined blue and yellow flowers complement any sunny border or gravel garden.

Spring flowering Crocuses tommasinianus provide some of the first pollen for hungry bees awakening from winter hibernation.

Narcissus Tete-a-tete are the perfect addition for a spring pot or smaller boarder.

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