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Building a Medium Sized Garden"

Medium Sized gardens can be daunting when you are faced with a blank plot or a garden that is in need of some creative revitalisation.

in part tow of this series we shed some light on the cost of building a medium sized garden garden.

The garden pictured below featured a raised composite deck, pond, terraced border raised vegetable planters, garden lighting and feature boulders.

Planting included Espalier fruit trees, pleached beech panels, evergreen shrubs and perennial herbaceous planting for seasonal interest and movement.

A medium sized garden including the above features may cost £22,000- £24,000.

The materials used in this garden created architectural interest helping to soften the surrounding buildings. Zones for planting, relaxing and growing make clever use of available space.

Join us again for the final instalment of this series when we will be taking a look at large gardens.

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