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Garden Design Services in Cheltenham - Our Process

At Cotswold Garden Designs, we offer a strategic and personalised approach to garden design in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas. From small, urban projects to large-scale garden renovations, we offer professional advice and a wealth of gardening skills to our valued clients. 

The Initial Consultation

Our journey with every project begins with an initial consultation, an opportunity to meet our clients and dive into their unique garden dreams. This initial home visit consultation, which typically lasts around an hour, allows us to understand your requirements and aspirations, and your location determines the consultation fee.
During this consultation, we capture the essence of your garden space through photographs and detailed site notes. These serve as the foundation for our subsequent design process.

Expert Garden Design in Cheltenham - The Proposal

We strongly believe that a well-drafted design proposal is essential to bring your vision to life! The proposal outlines the key design elements discussed during our initial consultation, providing a clear roadmap for the project. Quotations are included in the proposal to maintain complete transparency throughout the process.
Once the design proposal has your approval, we send you all the necessary documents, including terms of engagement, information about our business, and acceptance forms. This stage marks the beginning of our creative collaboration.
Our designers in Cheltenham then take your ideas and transform them into visual representations with mood boards. This step offers a tangible sense of your vision and ensures we're moving in the right direction.

Site Surveying for Gardens in Gloucestershire

The site survey is the next crucial step, where we gather geological and geographical measurements of the space. This data is instrumental in the development of the master layout plan. To ensure accuracy, we employ qualified surveyors, equipped with highly precise laser tools, to work alongside our landscape gardeners in Cheltenham. Any planning-related issues are clarified during this stage.

The Master Layout Plan

The master layout plan is the backbone of your garden design. This is a scaled drawing that incorporates information from the site survey, allowing our contractors and landscapers in and around Cheltenham to construct the elements of the design with precision. Before finalising the master layout, we create draft plans accommodating changes and modifications. We also provide 3D visuals, offering you a clear and immersive feel for your future garden.

Carefully Curated Planting Plans

Our dedication to your garden's success extends to planting plans, a vital component of our design process. These plans ensure that each plant is positioned optimally to maximise its architectural effect, colour, and growth conditions, ultimately preventing plant loss - optimising your investment.

The Final Step

Finally, the design construction begins once the site is prepared. The master layout plan serves as our guide, marking out the key components of your garden renovation, and ensuring the project proceeds smoothly and accurately.
Our reputation as renowned landscape gardeners in Cheltenham has been built on our unwavering commitment to exceptional garden design. We've gained the trust and respect of the local community by consistently delivering beautiful and functional gardens. Our portfolio of successful garden renovations and consultations throughout Gloucestershire speaks for itself!

Book a Consultation With our Cheltenham Gardeners Today

At Cotswold Garden Designs, we don't just create gardens; we craft unique and vibrant outdoor spaces that bring joy and inspiration to every season. Contact us today to book a consultation.

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